This Saturday morning I woke up with an incredible craving. I must have been dreaming about food. Well, I do dream about food sometimes. Anyway I wanted pie. Yes pie. You know, fresh baked, homemade pie. Now since I don’t cook that meant I had to go and get myself some pie and since the weather forecast called for highs in the 70’s and no chance of rain that meant taking a spin on Red Ryder, my 2013 Street Glide. “Ride to eat – eat to ride” — that is my motto you know.

Within a few moments I was on the bike and headed north. Now there are several really good places to get top-notch homemade pie around here and one of my favorites is Mammy’s Cupboard just outside Natchez, Mississippi. Mammy’s is one of those quirky, roadside attractions you find off the beaten path. Built around 1940, the building is basically a big, uh, southern mammy, as in Gone With the Wind Mammy. Actually the place wouldn’t be very politically correct these days, except over the years, with every new coat of paint, Mammy’s complexion has gotten a lot lighter.

Mammy’s has been a lot of things since 1940 and today she hides an incredible roadside cafe underneath her skirt. If you like good southern style home cooking with menu items like chicken pot pie, red beans and rice, roasted chicken and vegetable soup this place fits the bill. But the deserts are what I come for. If you want lemon pie with five inches of creamy meringue piled on top or banana and caramel pie topped with crunchy toffee this is a must-stop kind of place.

Now if it weren’t for the fact that Mammy’s is more than 100 miles from my driveway I would come here at least once a week. I would also have to install heavy duty shocks on Red Ryder and the Lipstick Bike. Thank goodness I don’t normally dream about pie. But when I do I head straight to Mammy’s Cupboard on U.S. 61, just south of Natchez. It makes for a great motorcycle ride and more than that, like me, it is just a little bit quirky.
See you on the road.




~ by larider on February 22, 2016.

One Response to “SATURDAY PIE RUN”

  1. Sounds like my kind of place.

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