I really don’t remember the name of the first person who called me a Chrome Cowgirl. It started back when I got my 1999 Yamaha Road Star and was shopping for accessories. I have always loved fancy stuff. You know bling; fancy earrings, bracelets and such. So when I started making my “Star my own,” as the old Yamaha commercials used to say, my eyes were immediately drawn to chrome. One day I walked into a local dealership wearing lots of bling and my red cowboy hat and someone said, “here comes the chrome cowgirl,” and at that very moment T.W. had yet another nickname.

In 2004 when we started the TV show I met a real cowgirl, one who liked both horses and Harleys. Soon my new riding buddy, Tammi Arender, became Chrome Cowgirl Number Two.

Tammi Arender is a real country girl too. Raised on a farm along the Mississippi River delta in north Louisiana, near the town of Tallulah; Tammi grew up riding horses, tractors and other farm machinery, helping her father Billy Ray Arender on his cotton and soybean farm. She was also a champion cutting horse rider, so she had a penchant for fancy things too.

Tammi Old Pics 003
After graduating from college Tammi left the farm to pursue a career as a television anchor, working for TV stations in Little Rock, Nashville, Baton Rouge and Monroe becoming an extremely talented, highly successful and much sought after television journalist.
But even though Tammi left the farm, the farm never left her. In fact today she holds what she likes to call her dream job; anchoring the nightly farm and agricultural news on the Rural Television Network in Nashville.

When I first met Tammi, I admit I was a little intimidated. Here I was, someone who had never even seen the inside of a TV studio, teaming up with a veteran performer to do a television show. I have always been at home on the seat of a motorcycle, but being in front of a camera made me a just a tad bit nervous. Okay, I was pretty terrified.
Chrome Cowgirl Number Two however made me feel right at home, encouraging me when I needed it and defending me when our sometimes mean and often impatient Executive Producer (I won’t say his name, but it sounds like Bob) would get frustrated with me.
What has always amazed me about Tammi is the depth of her talent. She can take on any assignment and she always gets things on the first take. If we did a blooper reel, Tammi would hardly be on it. I on the other hand could probably star in an endless series of blooper reels.
But don’t ask her to ride in the rain and don’t ask her to work when she is hungry. A particular trip to the Smoky Mountains comes to mind, but that is another story.
Over the years I have shared a lot of road experiences with Tammi. She is a good friend and a great riding partner. Today with her in Nashville and me in Baton Rouge, I don’t get to see her as much as I would like, except when the TV show brings us together. This fall, I hope to plan a few road trips with her — as long as it isn’t raining, that is!

TAM AND TW CC_20140710150909_0
In 2005, my friends Mickey and Jack Jones, teamed up with Nashville songwriter Byron Hill and penned a song for us. The song “Chrome Cowgirls” has a line in it that says, “God bless Chrome Cowgirls like us.”
Here’s to Chrome Cowgirl Number Two, my riding buddy, Tammi Arender.

See you on the road!



~ by larider on July 10, 2014.


  1. I just watched the show, love it! I’ve beena fan of Tammy’s since her anchor days in BR.

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