I have always enjoyed riding along the Mississippi River. As I have mentioned here before, riding alongside a twisting, turning river like the Mississippi provides great scenery, pleasant curves and quite often some great out of the way places to visit and explore.
I just returned from one of the best “river rides” I have ever experienced – a ride that took me to the very end of the earth in Louisiana – and then some.
If you look at a map of Louisiana it basically looks like a boot and the area that makes up the “big toe” of that boot is Plaquemines Parish.

For the past three days I have been riding and exploring Plaquemines Parish for a feature on our television series America on 2 Wheels. What an experience it has been!
I spent the night in an old plantation home that once graced the label of Southern Comfort whisky. I had cocktails and a fabulous meal in what was once a Catholic church.

southern comfortSPIRIT2
I went to an all-girl fishing rodeo and took a boat ride to the mouth of the Mississippi river.

DSC_0472Boat Ride

I explored an old fort named in honor of the hero of the Battle of New Orleans and I toured what has to be one of the most elaborate and beautiful fishing camps I have ever seen.

EXTERIORsalt grass
I also spent some time in Venice. Venice, Louisiana of course; aptly named since the main mode of transportation here is by boat.
In fact, the road ends just south of Venice, where I took an hour boat ride down the Mississippi to Port Eads, an incredible lodge built at the foot of an old lighthouse.

cypress coveEADS
To top it all off I got a key to Plaquemines Parish and an invitation from Parish President Billy Nunguesser to come back anytime.

Plaquemines Parish is a great place for riding. The traffic is light, the roads are in terrific shape and the people are unbelievably friendly and helpful.
If you like salt water fishing, you probably already know about Plaquemines Parish. I am told that Venice is one of the top spots for Saltwater fishing in the entire country.
But you don’t have to be a fisherman, or woman for that matter, to enjoy spending a little time in this part of the world. I had a great time riding Plaquemines Parish and it is now one of my very favorite Louisiana destinations.

Want to have a great time? Stuff a change of clothes in your saddlebags and head south down the Mississippi to the ends of the earth. You won’t regret it and if you’re like me, you will definitely want to make it one of your regular rides.
See you on the road!

~ by larider on July 2, 2014.

2 Responses to “TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH”

  1. Please name the person presenting the key to plaquemines parish in the picture at fort Jackson. That isn’t billy nungesser. thanks

  2. We would never confuse you with Billy Nungesser, James Madere…We think often about the wonderful tour you gave us of Fort Jackson, the wealth of history you shared with us as well as the Key. One day we are coming back down and see just what the key fits! By the way, here is a link to our video of the tour.

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