Chrome Cowgirls 001

I will never forget the first time I met her. I actually think we scared her half to death. In was in May of 2005. Bob Courtney and I were headed back from a meeting. We were in my Suburban and I was driving. Suddenly Bob spotted a woman riding a pink Harley and said “follow that bike.” Of course I complied. It was a cool bike and the woman was sporting a long blond ponytail.
After several blocks she pulled into an office complex and we whipped in behind her. Bob and I were both out of the truck and headed toward her. She had pulled off her helmet and was holding it like a weapon.
Bob quickly explained that we meant her no harm and were simply curious about the custom Harley and the lady riding it. Perhaps, Bob told her, the bike could be featured on our motorcycle TV show. Luckily she had heard of the show.

Her name was Lovie Zago and within a few weeks she was one of the Chrome Cowgirls and making regular appearances on our show, handling a segment called “Wrenching and Riding.”
You see, Lovie may have been a girl, but she could fix things. You often found a wrench in Lovie’s hand and a smudge of grease on her forehead. She worked on her own car and bike as well as household appliances. She would tackle just about any mechanical task. She had served in the Navy and was a trained welder. Lovie was a real, modern day “Rosie the Riveter!”

Chrome Cow Gurl 021B
At the time, she was a single mom, who often worked two jobs to make ends meet — but she also found time for riding and she loved motorcycles. Lovie, who by the way was born on Valentine’s Day and thus given her special name, was a great riding companion and a pretty cool lady. I always enjoyed the time I spent with her.
A few years ago however, Lovie reconnected with her former husband and moved to West Virginia to be with her teenage son. She did come back two years ago for a few weeks and did several cameo appearances with Tammi and me on our show. But I don’t get to see her much anymore and that’s too bad.
Lovie recently sold the pink Harley, the one we called the Barbie Bike, and now rides on the back of her husband’s Street Glide. Even so, she is and always will be a Chrome Cowgirl to me.
I think a trip to West Virginia may be on my agenda soon.

Chrome Cowgirls 004

See you on the road!
T.W. Robinson

~ by larider on June 19, 2014.


  1. Much love to Lovey! I want to be the next ChromeCowgirl!

  2. Go on TW….

  3. Road Trip !

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