Atchafalaya Basin Tour

The Atchafalaya Basin is the nation’s largest river swamp and wetland. LA Rider took a ride from Baton Rouge to McGee’s Landing in Henderson, LA back in 2009 for a visit to the basin. McGee’s Landing is located on the edge of this vast river swamp. It features great food, Cajun music and of course guided tours of the basin. There is no better way to experience the raw, natural beauty of this portion of Louisiana than with a genuine swamp tour and McGee’s Landing still offers one of the best swamp tours in the state.
Please enjoy this video from the LA Rider archives and share it with your friends. Plan your Louisiana Motorcycle vacation today.

See you on the road…

T.W. Robinson

~ by larider on May 28, 2014.

One Response to “Atchafalaya Basin Tour”

  1. I’m writing in reference to The 6th Annual Sucker Punch Sally Rally and Music Festival in Shreveport, Louisiana. We’re hoping to slate it on the calendar for May 2015 (specific dates to be announced). It’s the largest motorcycle rally and music festival in our area – lots of great bands, lots of great bikes, and lots of booths with bike accessories. We want to put the word out much earlier for our next festival so folks are able to plan ahead to attend. If you own a bike and want to jazz it up….. If you love having a few beers and listening to some killer music….. come on down and join us. Again, the specific dates and location will be announced in upcoming posts.

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