Where to Ride

Louisiana is a very big place and in seven years of producing LA Rider we have been to a lot of places and ridden a lot of highways and backroads in the Bayou State. Yet, there is so much of this state that remains unexplored for us. Many of the places we have visited on our program have been the direct result of viewer input. It never ceases to amaze us just how many times someone suggests a place we have not yet visited or a road we have not yet ridden. That is one of the remarkable things about doing this show. There is always adventure out there  just waiting for us to come and find it.

Will we ultimately end up running out of fresh ideas for stories and places to visit? Perhaps, but it looks like that is still a long way off, especially because of you- our fans and viewers. You never seem to run out of great suggestions for a new place to ride and a new adventure for LA Rider.

Another remarkable thing is that often we can find new adventures and new things at many of the places we have visited before. Such was the case last weekend, when a routine ride to the LaPlace Frostop (one of TW’s favorite places) turned up a new menu item; fried green tomatoes smothered in Crawfish Monica.

Now I have never been a fan of tomatoes whether they be green, ripe, fried or fresh. But Since I first tasted Crawfish Monica at Jazz Fest twenty or so years ago, I have tried in vain to duplicate it at home. The stuff is that good! So naturally, I was willing to at least try the new Frostop menu item.

Well, I have to tell you I am now a big fan of Fried Green Tomatoes. Especially the way the Tolers at Frostop prepare them; fried in their already award-winning onion ring batter. They are wonderful! Top them off with Crawfish Monica and you have a wonderful culinary treat that you would never expect to find at a roadside hamburger joint. But then again, this is Louisiana.

There is always something new, just around the next bend in the road. It is why we love riding so much and it is why we love to ride Louisiana.

See you on the road!

Bob Courtney
Executive Producer

~ by larider on August 22, 2011.

One Response to “Where to Ride”

  1. Well said Bob. We love to ride and we love Louisiana. Year round riding season (almost) plus cool places and interesting people, Not to mention the best food in the world. Keep em coming and say hello to TW and Tammi for us.

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